When faced with disputes or investigations, and the facts are buried in a huge volume of emails and other documents, do these concerns sound familiar?

A better way - introducing Clear/Cut

Clear/Cut is a new service that overcomes these challenges.

It helps you and your business to quickly and more confidently answer two fundamental questions that arise when disputes loom: how bad is it? And should we fight or settle?

Designed and optimised specifically to help you conduct an early evaluation of commercial litigation, arbitration and issues under investigation, BCLP Clear/Cut places at your fingertips a proprietary combination of legal experience, forensic capability and the technology that won Legal Week’s 2018 AI Innovation award. Clear/Cut analyses tens of thousands of documents in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional approaches. Its speed and accuracy mean you are far less likely to miss a pivotal point on which to base your advice to the business.

After 14 days, you’ll receive a succinct report, prepared by a senior litigator, that provides a clear summary of the merits of your position and decisive recommendation on how to proceed. All for a highly competitive and completely transparent, fixed fee.

The business is waiting for advice. And now you’re better equipped to respond with confidence.

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