Corporate Real Estate Solution

Connect the dots and navigate the current challenges across your global portfolio, with dedicated coordinating counsel.

Reduce risk, cut deal times and take control of your real estate projects with dedicated lawyers to manage the legal process and help with your current real estate challenges.

Client relationships

Tory Goldson from BCLP and Michael Berretta from IWG plc discuss their partnership

I know that when we are in the middle of a contract negotiation or making a strategic decision that has legal implications that we can count on you taking our needs and our point of view as if we were one company.

Michael Berretta
Vice President Network Development, Americas at IWG plc.

Managing a global property portfolio comes with a unique set of legal challenges...

  • Are you wasting time upskilling, managing and paying local law firms?
  • Is it frustrating that they all have a limited understanding of your business, and can’t provide relevant advice?
  • Do you have to sift through reams of inconsistent advice to get a complete picture of your transactions and risks?

BCLP’s Corporate Real Estate Solution (CRES) connects the dots across your global portfolio – with everything managed by coordinating counsel who have a deep understanding of your business.

Features and benefits

Reduce risk with powerful reports

CRES offers a live reporting platform, giving you complete global visibility - from critical risks and actions, to the smallest details

Cut days off your deal time

Your coordinating counsel will partner with our innovation team to design a new set of lean and effective legal processes to deliver your projects globally.

Connect to consistent global advice

Access to BCLP’s proven global network means that you will never need to vet, upskill, manage or pay another local law firm ever again.

Get an 'always on' proactive service

Your coordinating counsel will provide you with relevant, proactive and high-quality advice by building connections with your team and a deep understanding of your business.

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Meet some of the team

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CRES case studies

Here are five practical and fictional case studies that represent common situations that occur for businesses which occupy real estate across the world. These scenarios are devised to help you and your team ensure your global real estate: is ready when you want it to be ready, looks how you want it to look, functions how you want it to function, costs what you expect it to cost and is marketable when you want to exit.

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