Preparing for a Dawn Raid requires a multi-faceted approach. Your business needs the tools and knowledge to implement an effective plan. In the event of an unannounced inspection, would you and your business know what to do?

Introducing BCLP's Dawn Raid Preparation Package

Our Dawn Raid Preparation Package has the fundamental elements to help ensure your firm is ready for a dawn raid by a range of UK and EU regulators - the European Commission, CMA, HMRC, SFO, FCA and others.

Operations in France? Read about BCLP’s French Dawn Raid Preparation Package here.
We can help you to balance your duty of cooperation with
protection of your rights of defence. By helping to minimise disruption to your day-to-day operations arising from a dawn raid, our Dawn Raid Preparation Package will put you in the best position to manage both the raid itself, and any subsequent investigation.

What's available?

Graphic - Dawn Raid

Some of our Dawn Raid response team